On-Line Soap Making Class

This is for your own handmade beautiful, natural bar soaps. Offered in real time - you work on your soap as I work with you.  Its just like our in person classes, but we can do it as soon as you get your supplies assembled.  I’ve been teaching natural soap making for over 10 years and with the information you learn in this class you should be able to continue making soap on your own!

  •         Soap is one of the most effective ways to get rid of COVID-19.
  • It dissolves the fatty layer that coats coronaviruses.
  • But you have to wash your hands properly.

One of the most consistent COVID-19 messages from health officials has been the importance of good personal hygiene.

Washing your hands with soap is one of the simplest and most effective ways of killing off any viruses you may have come into contact with.

Environmentally friendly soap is a great choice. Really, the point is that washing your hands with soap of any kind is going to get the job done–and needs to happen frequently.

Given the circumstances, we all need more natural soap.  Not more plastic waste with hand sanitizers (that have been largely unavailable for the past few weeks) or ineffective, environmentally damaging antibacterial soap.  

We offer this class 3 different ways.  Small group classes where you assemble all of your supplies and materials for $60 per person.  Small group classes where you supply some of your own supplies, but we send you the materials and a few cured bars of soap for $100 per person.  Or a private online class where we send you the materials and cured soap for $150 per person.  

Once you obtain everything you need to make soap you can book your class date.  We will send a PDF handout of the class handout and the log in informationno matter what class you choose once you register.

You will need a computer, a smart phone or a tablet.

Check the calander for dates.

Opal’z owner., Annie Jenkins has been a film and television make-up artist since 1979.   After years with working on music videos, commercials, feature films and television broadcasts, Annie’s clients now are mostly top executives and “real people”.  Combining a lifelong love of crafting, an interest in herbs and naturals and knowledge of hair, skin and beauty products,  Annie has been making soap, lotions, and balms for 8 years.  The enthusiasm for all things bath and body hasn't wained ... there is always more to learn and Annie loves to share knowledge.